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BeFrank - Good plan

BeFrank – Goed Plan
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Are you already thinking about your pension? Probably not. Why would you? Retirement is far away. Some of us hope to find valuable treasures, stuffed away in the attic. Others hope to claim grandma’s heritage and be good forever. Solid plans, right?

This one tells the story of Karin. She's got a solid retirement plan. She's gonna buy a cute cat and learn him how to cook. This will make him a Youtube star chef and will make Karin get rich. Sounds like a plan right?

If you want a reliable plan that actually works, BeFrank can help you. They provide you with knowledge and good ideas. They will help to make a good plan.

Chef Cat + Valuable Vase


Concept: Studio Mals + Total Design
Direction: Studio Mals
Set design + Craft: Studio Mals
Production: Shop Around
D.O.P: Daan Steijnen van Eck
Post production: The Compound
Music + Sound design: Riversound
Client: BeFrank
Agency: Total Design
Craft assistants: Randy Beker, Adrianus Kundert

Talent: Mathilde Rousseau + Jos Hendriks @ Dynamic Casting, Cat Hebbes @Catvertise
Cat Handler: Sabine van der Helm @ Catvertise 
Hair + Makeup: Roy Manukiley
Behind the Scenes: Marit Kok

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BeFrank - Good plan