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    BUZZ Projector is a twitter visualizer for large events.
BUZZ Projector
One of my best clients is RedButton.tv, and what they do is live twitter visualizations at large events. I love these guys, it gives me the opportunity to travel quite a bit to some really gnarley places. My first trip with them was on a cruise ship to the Caribbean for a week, funny to get paid doing that right.
Well we've been pretty lax over the summer so they decided to up their visualization. Before it was running from an air program made in flash. They wanted a web based version that was cleaner so it could run from tablets hooked up to the projectors.
So this is the final result, with customizable background colors, ability to upload the event sponsors logos, custom message to scroll at the top. The visualizer will pull tweets from the BUZZ servers that are moderated to remove anything unnecessary or explicit for the events.
The blocks at the bottom will flip every few seconds and the tweets/images to slide to the right, and every 8 seconds the last block will "feature" at the top. These are usually played across large projectors at hotels during events so having a featured tweet for people to see large enough from anywhere in the room was necessary.