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    Nature is life. Let it grow.
Creating this poster 'Life' was one of the most frustrating and rewarding experiences of my life so far.  The poster needed 6 months to create as I needed to wait patiently for the grass to grow.  
On the day of cutting the grass I was so nervous because one small error and I would need to wait another 6 months for the grass to grow again.  Thankfully I had a good plan and outline of what I needed to do that day so that made me feel a bit more confortable.
To take the final photograph I had to get really high up.  My first idea was to use a forklift and stand on the forks to get that height I needed.  But my neighbour who had a forklift left his home the month before the poster was ready.  So I got a long ladder and climbing my house and stood on stop of the roof to take the photograph.  
After taking the photograph I just looked down at my creation for a few minutes to take in the experience.  It is something I will never forget as I had so much emotion that I had finally finished the project.