Presenting my animation inspired by the timeless Radiohead album, 'Amnesiac'. Set to the track 'You and Whose Army?' 
I've worked on personal/concept album artwork inspired by the band before. I returned to the subject but to explore possibilities with motion. Dark and brooding, I loved crafting my own take on a classic. They defy convention and prove brilliant inspiration for my more experimental pieces. It's powerful music, I wanted my work to match the tone. Amnesiac's existing cover art is a weeping minotaur from greek mythology, it triggered idea's for a few of the scenes. It's a set of experiments, it began life as a music video and grew into what now is essentially a show reel for my darker work.
Probably my my most ambitious solo work to date. Done in spare time I covered all aspects of this project and 'donned many hats'.  I wanted to produce an animation in it's entirety. Editing, directing, 3D, graphics, sculpting and working with sound and camera moves.