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The Book of Furious photographs

The Book of Furious photographs by Dmitry Pryakhin "Empty Place".

Dear friends! For those who loves my photos, I've just published the book "Empty Place"!
The book includes photos I have taken over the past 13 years, as well as a text 
of the basic principles that I share with everyone I intend to shoot.
The most valuable thing in everyone is that we cannot express, and i tried to express this feeling 
inside the book "Empty Place"! The desire to go inside, the desire to go out. 
Up or down, without evaluation, without reflection, only sincere love and interest to a person.
The presentation of the book took place at the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum (12 november 2020), 
as well as at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall of St.Petersbourg (15 october 2020).
The circulation of the book is 200 copies.
The size of the book is 304x228 mm, 272 pages, sewn binding, soft cover.
Delivery to all countries of the world is possible 
For all questions about the book, 
write to me in direct messages or via mail:

Attention: You can buy the book only from me. I dont have any resellers.

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The Book of Furious photographs


The Book of Furious photographs


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