Encan de l'Espoir is an online auction system for the activities of the Tree of Hope at CCNB - Campus de Dieppe. The system is used by the staff and the students to put their bids on various products offered by the community. It should be noted that the website address above is not the official version of the site and that even if it works, it's just a demonstration.
Here is the logo of the system, inspired by the Tree of hope logo.
The slogan we create only for this project.
The home page with the list of all the available items,with the minimum auction amount, the item thumbnail, the item description and the bid button.
This is what you see once you've clicked on the bid button. You need to use this page to enter data in order to make an auction.
The admin page to add a new product to the list.
The admin page to manage existing products.
And here's a report of the highest auction for each product and by which user it has been submitted.