Marme Canada Inc. Business Card
This was a business card I made for Marme Canada Inc. as part of this contest on

The client wanted the card to be professional, modern, and simple. To keep the business card inline with their brand , I decided to design it in the style of their website. The client needed a lot of information to go on the card and I wanted that information to be laid out in an organized and appealing way. On the front of the card I have the company logo on top, since it is the most important, and the company tagline on the bottom. On the back, I have the company logo again on the left, since that is the 1st place people will look and to remind the viewer of the company, and then the contact information in the format of a bulleted list. On the bottom of the card is the company website and is the last piece of information the viewer will see on the card.
Since Marme is a company that sells different kinds of tiles, I decided to use a marble rock texture on the top part of the card since they sell Marble tiles. I kept it at a low opacity because I wanted it to a subtle touch that a person in that industry or a person working at the company would recognize.
This business card is designed to be the standard 3.5" x 2" business card.