My Visuals
Here is a snapshot of some of the things that pleases me, and excites my optics
Martin Buckingham created IN-site to provide a means by which visual moments in time could be chosen, captured and preserved.
Years of hobby photography slowly turned into a passion, which then evolved into a calling..... Martin answered the call and IN-site was born. IN-site operates predominantly throughout South East Queensland, Far North Queensland and Northern New South Wales, but any location can be negotiated - time permitting of course. All shoots are conducted at your site - no fluffy studio work, just the comfort of familiar surroundings.
Having undertaken formal training at Secondary School and again as a Military Operational Photographer, Martin has gained all neccesary tooling to provide exceptional image capturing technique.
But photography is so much more than technique alone. To create an image which pleases and excites the eyes is challenging. To produce an image that evokes emotion is priceless.