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    Logo proposal for the first macedonian gaming store
Game On - Rebranding proposal
This project is a proposal for the first macedonian game store. The store has some sort of a logo, but I thought that it needs something new fresh and stylish. It's from a gamer to a gamer thing, so it has a lot of love inside of it. 
This is the current logo of the store
The inspiration is simple, a good old fashioned Power On button, a retro joy stick and the consoles
Setting it up with grids and guides
And when the Unite button was clicked it was AWESOME
The typography is clean and simple, straight to te point.
Combination of symbol and typography, spacing and stuff
How it looks
And a fancy finish with some Foil stamp at the end
And for the end something that all the gamers want right now - GTA 5 exclusive pre-order card