Our friends and typographic colleagues were getting married, so we decided to make some greeting cards for them using some of the types from the collection of Archivio Tipografico.
We decided to use 2 colors and to make a serie of illustrations of moments related to the wedding by using two Os from a vintage wooden type called "Triennale", an unknown lead modular type and an original lead Futura for the captions.
We composed all the illustrations with the modular lead pieces, using a grid to have the same proportion between the various spaces.
Making of:
The cards were printed on a Hohner Rapid II, in two steps: the Os were printed first, in orange, then  were printed the illustrations, in blue.
This is the result: the eight greeting cards.
Some details:
Finally, the packaging:
Congratulations to Anna & Nello.
Davide e Gabriele.