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    A hand thrown pottery dinnerware set for my new apartment.
      With my new appartment for senior year of college, I realized I needed something to eat off of. I have about 15 years of throwing experience, and it was time I put it to good use to make my own dinnerware set! This was a chance to make some beautiful functional art that would serve me well for years to come. The pictures below depict the thrown pieces and the final glazed pieces, but a lot had to happen inbetween. After the pieces are thrown, they must be carefully kiln dried to remove all moisture. Then the pieces are dipped and sprayed with chemical solutions called glazes, which produce the beautiful colors. Finally, the glazed and dried pottery pieces are put into a kiln at 2400 degrees for a few days and the glaze melts and essentially turns to glass. After this process, the pieces are totally microwave and dishwasher safe.
The first plate is thrown. I weighed out 4 equal pieces of clay, and the other 3 can be seen in the background. 
A closeup of the first plate. I used a toothed tool to scrape in the design on the lip, and then put two flares on the outside of the rim to give the piece some character.
The first two bowls are done, with a similar scratched rim with two flares.
A closeup of the first two bowls.
A good days work, most of the dinnerware set is done, and it looks like everything should stack nicely.
The finished fired pieces. There were quite a few steps not pictured here, but this is the end result after baking in a 2400 degree kiln for a few days.
The bowl is shown in the bottom, with the dinner plate and side plate above.
The texture on the rim really becomes apparent through the temoku glaze. I love these pieces and I'll be proud to be eating on them for years to come!