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Koepoe Koepoe Professional
Koepoe Koepoe Professional

Koepoe Koepoe is a long-known pioneer in Indonesian kitchen shelves, from seasonings to baking needs. The Koepoe Koepoe Professional line was spices and herbs eyed for the professional cooks in their cooking stations. We were delighted to be a part of expanding their heritage through designing their bottles and labels for their Professional line.

Starting with recognizing the problem in the kitchens professional chefs deal with when working their creations, which is the rare recognizability of the seasoning bottles and much-needed interaction support with the products. This problem equates to the bottles' shape and dimension, determining the shape, lid, and grip the cooks later interact with.
The artistic direction for the labels took off from maintaining Koepoe Koepoe's heritage and drawing a feel of professionalism at the same time. The direction inherited a variety of hand-drawn illustrations of the herbs and spices that much reflects the artistry that happens in the kitchen. In the hands of the artist, in this case, the cook, crafting the art piece that is the food, with vivifying paint that is the herbs and spices. The art that is Koepoe Koepoe's sense of time-honored seasoning legacy in contemporary strokes.
Creative Director : Eric Widjaja
Graphic Designer : Ira Carella, Ritter Willy Putra
Illustrator : Ira Carella
Product Designer : David Tjahjadi
Photographer : Vony Wong
Koepoe Koepoe Professional