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Slang, the Role Playing Game.
Slang is an Spanish alternative role-playing game set in a contemporary noir cinema California, inspired by films like Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects. Its inception happened sometime around 2002, but wasn't until 2006 that the book finally hit the shelves. It was a minor hit in the countrywide role-playing scene and several extension books followed.

I was responsible for designing the logo, cover and back cover, 12 full-page illustrations, 8 page border illustrations and several minor layouts (character sheets, backgrounds). I did the covers of 2 of the extension books.

Putting a book like this in the stores was a long and painful process for everyone involved, but it finally paid off. People in and out the project loved the outcome.
This was the cover of the Seis Balas (Six Bullets) extension book. It contained several additional one-shot modules to further develop the original game.
Every page of the main book sported a strip like these, themed accordingly to the each chapter's subject. Here you can see, respectively, The Rules, Street Gangs, Playing Characters and The Law.
Similary, these illustrated the chapters titled The Master, Cosa Nostra, L.A. and Stray Bullets.