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Mono Sources is the creation of multi-instrumentalists Brett Bixby and Jesse Nason. The two met during recording of Brett’s album “City Lights”, after which Jesse joined Brett’s band in support of the album. In the years after, both of them exchanged touring and recording duties for Los Angeles songwriter AM and started to share a studio in Long Beach. This studio served two important purposes – a place to house their growing synth and effect collection and a place to start working on music together.
When Bix and Jesse came to me for the design layout they brought the cover art created by the artist that had been shot with his phone and delivered in RGB. The problem was color for print because the conversion to CMYK darkened and muddied the beautiful bright RGB colors. That was the most trying part of the design was coming as close as possible with some color correction to the RGB version. In the end, we cut up all the art into pieces (pink, yellow, blue and collage) which made it much easier to correct.

The pink sun, or ball of energy, became the recurring graphic and made for a great CD label with the logo I created at the suggestion of using wave forms for the M (square wave) and S (sine wave) which can't get any better for a band of synth collectors. I also found some public domain synth schematics to layer on the grunge treatment of the credit panel.

The end color result was really great thanks to Copycats Media, and being able to package this in a softpak with a inner sleeve was bonus and gave the whole thing an album layout vibe (just way way smaller.)


Cover Collage: Keith Slettedahl
Gatefold Collage: Mono Sources (Brett Bixby & Jesse Nason)
Photography: Joe Lymann
Graphic Design: Deyo Glines
Production Management: Jake Schaefer/Copycats Media
Portfolio Photography: American Art Kitchen & Van Guru Brothers
Mono Sources


Mono Sources