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Brutal Visions
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Throughout my studies, and more specifically towards the end of my 3rd year, I started to have a real interest in editorial design, books in particular. I found it a very complete way to apply all the skills that I had acquired but also a support offering endless possibilities in terms of design.
It was therefore obvious for me to choose this medium for my diploma project.

The subject, for its part, must have been an original subject in my opinion. Which you wouldn't think of at first glance. A subject which makes one think of life, of society, and of manners, which leaves some doubt in its regard and even which can be annoying. An atypical subject therefore. But which one to choose? . I had taken stock of what was going to be my future job. Despite the fact that in most definitions I could find a graphic designer doesn't make it a rule to do work that is "beautiful", but let's be honest, this is what we are trying to do most of the time. No one creates with the deep conviction that the result of their work will be "ugly". So following this reflection, I felt that proposing a project that expresses ugliness would be interesting. Yes, but not a project that is ugly in itself ... Obviously, but a project that shows in the first place that everything in this world can be a source of inspiration. And that it's not about having a good subject to create beautiful things.

Observing ugliness can be fascinating. Have you ever noticed? But first of all, the question one might ask is "what is ugliness", and then, who are we to judge? This is why I felt my subject was appropriate for a diploma project. It is personal and completely subjective. Who else but yourself could claim anything ugly or beautiful. This choice is ours alone.

In my subject I deal with several types of ugliness. There are several themes and two major meanings, one of which is more enigmatic. The first, of course, is the aesthetic ugliness of things: using imagery and design that brings an emotion to life: laughter, disgust, embarrassment and which takes the reader out of his comfort zone but which despite everything questions him on the beauty of things. Can't we finally find beauty in a work or an image that is a priori ugly? The interest being that the reader can not only be a spectator, but also an actor by wondering if he himself agrees with me on the ugliness of what I propose, or are there things that would put us in contradiction in these choices. Despite the sometimes odd and "borderline" imagery that one can find throughout my book, you should be aware that I make no value judgments about the things I show. The only judgment I make is aesthetic and belongs to me.
The second meaning of the book also implies an opinion on ugliness, but more on the “ugliness” of our current society. Once again, this is not a judgment but this time an observation concerning the world in which we live and in particular the area of social networks and design.
There is an abundance of content of all kinds on the internet today and as usual, as a lot of people do nowadays, I shared my work on social media. As a result, many people have asked me if they can buy my book, and where can they get it. The answer to their question, which nevertheless flattered me a lot, is no / nowhere. Because this project in "reality" does not exist. It’s just pixels on screens. And this, like many other projects today. The texts included in the book, them? They are quite simply parts of texts and articles copied from the internet and positioned almost randomly within my book, as are pictures elsewhere. So explain to me, please, how a work which in form may seem full of meaning but which in essence is almost not, could seduce? I think, after my humble observation, and after my brief experience with the world, that everything becomes mediocrity. The works are idle, the writings are false, the information is misinformation, everyone copies everyone, everyone lies to everyone. But that's good, because people don't read anymore. They don't have time to see, or maybe they just don't want to. Everything is going too fast, everything is small, everything is virtual, everything is false. How did we get there ? Are we to blame someone?

I am making an exaggerated generality here. This is obviously not the case with all and all, it may be a question of generation, but it is probably mine, otherwise I might not realize it.

It is possible to think, on the other hand, that we basically do not need to delve deeper to think. May flashes and bits of a reflection guide us and make us think about things that are within everyone's reach. Like ugliness, for example. These are just Brutal Visions.

Brutal Visions