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    Self developped project for a personal business.
Point de Croix is a combination of fixing ripped clothes and professional dry cleaning.
The "point de croix" is a sewing technique and pattern, which is introduced in the logo as two silver needles with an abstract curled thread underneath.
Sewing material and fabrics are used together with carton to fabricate the stationery and packaging.
It is important to show that it is a professional place with the know how to treat respectfully premium and delicate clothes.
The Identity is a modernized retro black and white style using modern fonts with a touch of serifs fonts to create variation and elegance.
This project is for a self owned business.
Real sewed crossed point on the job order's folder.
Recto of business card: embossing and silver hot stamping.
Verso of business card: Person's name printed on a fabric and sewed on paper referring to clothes neck label.
Double Sirio black paper glued.
A4 carton to bend shirts on and to keep the package rigid.
Nice, seductive and elegant visual for men to see when they unwrap their shirt. Nathalie Portman rimes with gentleman.
Nice, seductive and elegant visual for women to see when they unwrap their shirt. Ryan Gosling rimes with darling.
Odorant soap to place in armoires or luggage to keep the clothes fresh.
Sewing kit as giveaways to place in cars or luggage as emergency tool.
Façade sketch.
Interior furniture and walls.
Branded coffee paper cups to order from the waiting area.
Steel mannequin part of the decor.