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PDP 2020
The PDP Conference (Print, Design, Photography) was created in order to provide students with an additional layer of education through lectures and workshops. From the very beginning, the conference gave young students and unaffirmed authors the chance to display their work and in doing so present themselves to a wider audience.

The organization team of PDP reached out to me to help them bring the 12th edition of their festival to life.
The festival was based on the theme - process. 

So I wanted the whole identity to actually be made through a defined process. Inspired by the work of Soll LeWitt and the concept of conditional design I wrote three recepies that will be employed to create the visuals.
1. On a grid 2x3 / If you work more with your mouse place a yellow point on the right side of the grid. But if you work more with your hands then place the yellow point on the left side of the grid / The height at which you place your point represents how good you think you are at what you do.
After you placed your point connect it with the ends of each line of the grid using yellow lines.

2. On a grid 2x3 / The height corresponds to the time in the year. / The width the level of satisfaction. (left - the least/ reight - the most).
Place a yellow X every time that you collaborated with someone during last year and your level of satisfaction for each collaboration.

3. On a grid 2x3 / Starting from the lower right corner draw a yellow circle corresponding to the amount of time that you spend working.
Starting from the upper left corner draw a yellow circle corresponding to the amount of time that you spend working on yourself.
If the circles overlap shade the intersection.
The great PDP team are: 

Dajana Vujaklija        Đorđe Radonić        Sandra Ćirković
Nevena Neđić           Mirjana Spremo       Petar Vukobrat
Ivana Oravec            Monika Mađar          Anja Živković

Milijana Mićunović    Teodora Džigurski     Dušan Čubić     Alena Delkić

Katarina Stojanović   Snežana Petković     Dragana Šaša
Helena Mak               Anastazija Berkov     Kristina Pantić
Indira Ristovski          Nemanja Cvija          Marija Ilić
Nina Jovanović          Vladimir Savić

Videos by: Kinotrauma
Photos by: Miloš Čubrilo

PDP 2020