Senior Designer Meeting Room
Edginess and modernity in fashion generally is ephemeral and fleeting. Edginess here is defined through clean, timeless, proportionally precise design, with minimal waste and flexible functionality. The translation of these charateristics from fasion to architecture is the objective of this investigation.
Site Plan
Basement Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan
Skypark Cafe Floor Plan
6th-8th Floor Plan
Designer Suite Floor Plan
Designer Suite Floor Plan II
Greene St. Elevation
Spring St. Elevation
Section I
Primary Structure
Secondary Structure
Tertiary Structure
Egress Diagram
Primary Egress System
Secondary Egress System
3D Programmatic Section
Skypark Cafe
Designer Suite
Streetside View
Water Feature
West Approach
South Approach
North Approach
This project was in collaboration with Senior Fashion Designer  Danielle Elsener.