Surf Park Summit is the conference for the future of surfing. Presented by Surf Park Central and the SDSU Center for Surf Research, the event held brings together the most forward-thinking surfers and entrepreneurs in the business to Laguna Beach, CA. The ultimate purpose here is a lofty one: to change the future of surfing as we all know it. That purpose can only be realized however, with the humble beginnings of easy dialogue and the spreading of knowledge. It takes a combined effort to make great things happen. So we hope you enjoy seeing our designs!
Proceeds from shirt sales benefit Ryan Mulvaney, a brave young man and surfer, who was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, shortly after his first daughter, Kendall was born. Thanks to Volcom for sponsoring the shirts, and allowing the surf community to come together for one of its own.
To support Ryan and his family, please visit his warrior page @
These pocket-sized booklets were given to attendees to get to know the speakers and sponsors a little bit better.