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    Brochure design for Molyvos Tourism Association, containing information about walking and biking trails around Molyvos, Lesvos island, Greece.
The Molyvos Tourism Association commisioned a group of professionals to produce a bilingual brochure with a map about walking/biking around Molyvos. I was given the task to design the brochure.
For the cover, we selected a picture that shows the feel of walking/biking around Molyvos.
On side A, there is a detailed map of the Molyvos surrounding area that includes a network of 12 walking and biking trails.
On side B, there is text on nature, sights and details of the trails accompanied by picturesque photography. There is also a chart showing distance, estimated time and difficulty level for each trail.
The final result is a neat and to-the-point design that allows maximum readability to the map, provides useful information to the target audience while promoting the Molyvos brand (under the tagline THE OTHER AEGEAN) as a walking/biking destination.


GPS data, GIS mapping and text by Haroula Papazoglou
Graphic design by Michael Samiotis
Photos and land coverage by Theano Koufaki
Molyvos brand identity and logomarks by samata (www.samata.us)