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Minigami is a variety retail store that has a little something for everyone. 

Minigami sells Japanese-inspired, "kawaii" style products that make life easier and happier. Sometimes they might have some things you don't necessarily need, but you will definitely love. When designing the brand we wanted to create an aesthetic that made people feel happy and at ease. Using exciting colors and integrating a set of cute & cuddly characters, the brand became an undeniable success in making everyone and anyone excited. 

Just like Minigami carries small products that create big emotions, we designed small and precise elements that cause a big impact.  
Yobo & Chibi

Part of the brand's promise is to create lovable things that people want to have around everyday. As an element of that promise, we created two cute and cuddly characters and names them Yobo & Chibi. Both very different in personality and in form, these two characters bring life into the brand and become something people can connect to.