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Zrt motocross school
Zrt motocross school — is a Moscow based motocross school that specializes in teaching motocross to adults and children.

During the project we have faced with two problems: 

First, the motocross schools in Moscow use abbreviations as a company name quite often and Zrt is not an exception.

Second, the logo is barely visible on the uniform and bikes and it takes a secondary role there. Like in many other motocross schools, the old company logo consisted of a helmet symbol.

Logo design, Identity design, custom font, consulting

We decided to focus on the letter Z as it is dynamic and similar to the path that a biker takes in motocross. Also, by highlighting one letter instead of three, I differentiated the brand from competitors.

The unique numbers that are placed on the bikes and sports uniform have become the main element of the identity. These numbers will be the most visible graphic element while racing on the track.

We have created a recognizable style that stands out from the competitors.

Zrt motocross school
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Multiple Owners
Alexander Vovsu