KC Grad outdoor banners
I was commissioned to design two largescale banners in English and Serbian to decorate the entrance for Belgrade's cultural center "Grad" (more popularelly refered to as KC (Kulturni Centar) Grad). KC Grad is one of the centres of activity in the Old Town Belgrade hosting a multitude of various variety events throughout the years ranging from musical evenings and parties to art exhibitions and fashion shows. Located in the district of Savamala, close to the Mikser House and G12 Hub, both distinct locations in Serbia's and Belgrade's art and design world.
Hugely popular and higly regarded, it needed a more upbeat look for it's banners to welcome and greet visitors old and new. I decided to make it a sort of cartoony, pop typographic illustration with a pallette of four primary colours and utilize a few details most noticable in the district of Savamala and KC Grad itself. They were finally mounted at the beginning of the new season for KC Grad, on September 1. 2013. and fitted lovely with the famous old and partially delapidated facade of Grad's exterior.
Final preview
Left English banner
Right Cyrillic banner
The details were inspired by the many things found within the district of Savamala, like it's older architecture, it's possition between two brindges on the river Sava, KC Grad's iconic outdoor lamps and the famous graffiti found all over the district.
and a special thanks to a dear friend Velimir Andrejevic
KC Grad outdoor banners