At the 60th Cannes Advertising Festival, Carlsberg gave twenty creative teams a briefcase of colored pens, paper, clay, an iPad and other paraphernalia, to solve an "impossible brief" in 30 minutes. The challenges ranged from making the daily commute more inspiring to making girls appreciate football.
Our brief was to turn recycling into a sport. On a yacht from Cannes to Nice, we thought about what we loved about sports, and how we could put these qualities into recycling. We then remembered the fun in crushing cans. If we turned the fun of can-crushing into a sport and found a way to gather people to do their crushing in one area, then maybe collecting these recyclables won't be such a hard task. Thus, the Carlsberg Crushdown was born.
Our entry is now one of four chosen finalists. If you like the idea, please like it as well on Youtube. Thanks!