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    Lady Gaga- Commissioned piece.
Albums Albums! Albums!
Its Lady Gaga!!!
Created-7th September 2013
Pencil On Paper
Another piece for my "Albums! Albums! Albums!" album/music artwork project as shown in some projects on my portfolio, and this is also a commission piece created from an issue of "NME" of Lady Gaga who is now one of the worlds biggest celebrities, the biggest person in Pop music and has made a massive impact on the music industry.
This piece has been done for a close friend and fellow artist "Grace Cosgrave" for which her portfolio to view her works is on the link below and creates very good digital art.
For the piece I tried to create a combination of both rather contradicting elements, of subtlety versus boldness and like the idea of this in the Gaga pencil piece and also the factor of realsim which I mostly incorporate in my work.  
Gaga For Gaga- Pencil on Paper
Really pleased you like the piece Grace.