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The Grim Reaper in Korean Myth.

[ENG] The Grim Reaper in Korean Myth.

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It is a cartoon about the grim reaper of korean Myth.
Please enjoy it :)

English subtitles


The Grim Reaper in Korea.
He looks a pale face, black lips, sharp eyes, black clothes, and a hat called "Got."
He refrains from physical activity as much as possible.
The movement of the bridge cannot be seen because of the fog he is dragging.

No one knows when this character's external configuration started.

English subtitles

In general, it is assumed that it originated with the characters in 'Legendary Home.'
('Legendary Home: A cl
assical Korean sitcom / 1977~1996)
It is more like an image created in later generations than a traditional image.

Traditionally, he takes the soul of the deceased in splendid and solemn clothes.
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They usually carry around a register of identification papers and brushes.
It is to ensure the documents.

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However, if you look at classical folklore, you often see cases where a stranger of the same name is brought, scolded by King Enma, and sent back.

"Bring the monk, Kim Saeng!"

*Kim Saeng (a person of the same name as Kim Saeng, a monk)

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He sometimes found out that the victim had already been buried alive..
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(Oh, poor boy..)
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Well, Sometimes there is a story that people escaped death by offering money or bribes to them.

When he goes to pick up a person who is about to die, if he receives tribute of food, clothing, shoes, etc., he has to grant his request.
This is also the law of the death world.
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There is also a classic folk tale that he escaped death twice by using this method.

Grim Reaper went to pick him up, but he felt sorry for the tremendous hospitality he received.
Later, when Grim Reaper came back to pick him up, he was treated to another hearty meal.
It was Lee's last effort to avoid death.
Eventually, Lee was taken to Grim Reaper.
There is a reference to this in the myth of Jeju.

*Deja vu... have you ever felt it?
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Above all, it is close to the horrible concept of death and soul, but it is characterized by its unexpected human nature.

They listen to various situations of the soul and give them a grace period of 2-3 days.
They also fought against the guardian gods who prevented them from taking  souls.
It's a character with so many human-like stories that it doesn't seem like god of death.

This is the end of the cartoon!
I used a translator for English subtitles.
Please understand if grammar is wrong a lot :)

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The Grim Reaper in Korean Myth.

The Grim Reaper in Korean Myth.