666 FRAMES is a ongoing art project by Anti Denim.
666 specially selected artists all over the world will create their own frame of darkness.
Each frame is uploaded and dilayed online with a short story of each artist, images/movie clips and behind the scene stories. 
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Video project:

Frame #83
I started my project with a basic blue rough. I inked with some BIC's pen (a black and a blue for the background). Then I ink strokes of the head with chinese ink. 
I recovered the background with a grey-blue alcohol marker, fading with the blue bic. It creats natural depth.  
I used also a green marker for some really basic shadow. 
Then, I recovered all the drawing with dilute brown and blue acrylic.
Once the wash drawing done, I started to paint the head with acrylics. I only used 6 colors and mixed them to finish the traditional part.
 Finally I took some HD pictures of the painting and worked on Photoshop.
Thanks for watching!