Madame Kew | Lounge
A lounge design project 100 years in the making.

Once owned by Hứa Bổn Hòa, a Chinese-Vietnamese businessman and philanthropist in the 1900s, this historical villa is the perfect setting to tell the brand story of Madame Kew, a Shanghainese who fled to Vietnam during WWII and chose this place to establish her namesake cocktail lounge.

Early on, we decided to preserve the brickwork and ceiling structure of this storied villa. Madame Kew wouldn't have it any other way.
The interior design is an exercise in details and storytelling. Each item is meticulously designed and crafted to evoke the taste of the times.
Three massive bespoke lanterns framed by tension strings invite curious eyes to the mezzanine, where Madame Kew may or may not reside.
We insisted on hand-selecting green-tinted seashells to create a bespoke nacre 
("mother of pearl") side panel for the bar.
Each wooden baluster is adorned with custom abacus detailing; each is unique.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Interior Design: Thu Le, Hoang Thong
Interior Support: Hung Le, Naomi Nguyen, Daniel Arce, Tomas Tran, Triet Le
Production Director: Nhung Ho
Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Account Manager: Huyen Vo
Account Executive: Khoa Do
Photographer: Do Sy
Documentation: Trang Dinh, Khe Nguyen
Builder: Tbd Construction

Madame Kew | Lounge