This was my major capstone project for my final semester in the Associate Degree in Graphic Design. I focused on struggling Victorians in lockdown, looking at who’s affected, how and why, and then how can I create a positive change for them through a deign project. From my research, I found that young kids were struggling with being isolated from their friends by not being at school. This inspired me to create a product that was engaging, mentally stimulating and also educational. Petite Chef is a cooking kit for kids that aims to help with the mental health of children by sharing happy experiences with their families in the kitchen. I thoroughly researched and examined colour for this project and considered the positive emotional responses that certain colours evoke. It was also an opportunity to get kids off their digital devices and screens by engaging in a real world activity and interacting with others as they learn how to cook. My passion for igniting happiness within children and creating new and exciting experiences for them, was key to the success of this venture and at the forefront of my design thinking and process, as I developed the branding and deliverables for this project.
target audience
This project is targeting kids. Children can be a nightmare to look after during isolation and parents continue to struggle to get them engaged and focused on learning rather than have their head stuck in an ipad game. This time can be used to teach kids crucial skills that they will enjoy learning, that they may not have thought about doing or had the opportunity to learn at school. Kids takeaway boxes will provide kids with a form of learning and engagement to develop their skills in the kitchen.
Given the current conditions Victoria find itself in, many individuals especially kids are finding this long-ended time at home away from school and friends stressful. An assessment taken for Australia children found that 94% of students have been affected in some way due to the lockdown of schools.

With no routine or social interaction, like usual in kids it can be hard for them to find and adjust to the new normal. In addition to social and learning effects it’s been reported that kids have become increasingly worried about their parents and loved ones. They hear the word 'death' and large numbers on TV and automatically think that if their parents leave the house they might die.

Parents are also finding this time difficult with many working from home, having kids at home being reckless day on day can be stressful.

In my research i also came across many websites designed to aid parents and children mentally in guiding them through this time and the events that are occurring. These also help parents get a better idea of what their child might be going through, if interested see below.

For this project I wanted to set out some key aims, feelings and emotions that 
this product should evoke.  Inducing the feeling of happiness was very­ important to my project. Due to the mental health issues surrounding covid it was important my product created an escape or relief from those feelings. Of course, it was also important that the way I communicated information was safe yet fun and engaging. It was also crucial that I laid out information and instructions in legible matter so the purpose to educate was fulfilled.
in my designs i really want to capture the interest of children. I thoroughly researched and examined colour for this project and considered the positive emotional responses that certain colours evoke.My research showed that young children respond to certain colours and interactive formats to best learn and absorb instructions & information.Not only do colors send signals to the brain to make us hungry or calm, but they also have the power to distract a child or enhance a child’s learning potential. For example:
the deliverables
the mailer box
aiming to achieve an engaging format, my design displays food preparation and instructional information in a placemat format that is bright and colourful using child friendly info graphics. The placemat format forms from the mailer box, which folds open and out to display the information for the kids to follow. In addition to be­ing an interactive format, by utilising the mailer box for these purposes its environmentally friendly and cost effective as there is no need for excess stock and printing.
the large pouches
these are the large pouches, they contain the main dry ingredients. i have used the same colours as the mailer boxes to keep each component consistent with its respective flavour/recipe.
the small pouches
these are the small pouches, they contain the smaller ingredients to complete the recipes. I have reversed the colour scheme from the design of the larger pouches, this helps me show the versatility in design and colour of the brand whilst keeping a common theme and consistency among the deliverables.
the flavoured milk
These are. The flavoured milk labels. These drinks come with powder in the bottom of the bottle. You add milk and shake to create your drink. I did this because I still wanted to maintain a DIY aspect. I produced these in white to differ them from my other deliverables and show further versatility within the brand.
the website 
 I wanted the website interface to be very easy to use and functionable. Using the main blue colour used for the brands identity through the pages. The interface consists of 4 Main pages, about us, packages, gallery, and faq. I. continued the same colour scheme’s from the product variants onto the packages pages to further increase understanding and consistency.

using my laptop website design I manipulated this into a phone layout that was easy to use, requiring the least amount of scrolling possible.

social media

the social media page has been created with the purpose to share the new upcoming products, the food, and customer experiences

Petite Chef

Petite Chef


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