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    Our goal is to create powerful environmental murals, which inspire people around the world to care more about the natural world and to join the g… Read More
    Our goal is to create powerful environmental murals, which inspire people around the world to care more about the natural world and to join the global movement to become better stewards of the precious resources of life and wildlife in the biosphere. Read Less
Oceanic Ecosystems. ​​​​​​​Acrylic 93’ x 11’ 2005 YMCA in Eugene, Oregon.
This was my first mural created when I was 17 years old.
The underwater view portrays life-sized, endangered species from five different ocean ecosystems. 
Tropical ocean waters are some of our most inspirational natural treasures. I find myself visiting these places to rejuvenate myself.
This picture shows the process form Sketch, Digital Coloring, Acrylic Painting and the Final Mural Photograph.
I created this mural when I was 19 years old and was my first commission fo ther Coos Bay Educators Federal Credit Union. 
Memorial Courtyard Mural at South Eugene High School.

Here I used the enormous size of an old-growth Sitka Spruce to embody the community’s grief over the death of two beloved students. However, I emphasized hopeful elements in the design by painting the moss and small animals that inhabit the tree canopy about 10 times greater than life size to enhance our attention to their beauty and gentle nature. The entire mural is an illustration of the site where the tragedy happened, but the mood and imagery alludes to the resurrection of hope and beauty, rather than the depressive side of the tragedy. This was appropriate to the concept since the setting of a high school with young audiences deserves a positive image to affirm a positive attitude in difficult circumstances. As you observe the 120 ft long mural you are drawn to several areas for deeper inspection. However the main focal point is the Sitka Spruce, off centered and in the foreground. This tree is not only painted, but custom ceramic tiles were made and installed with the texture of Sitka bark and sculpted details. The final outcome has a stronger sense of depth, helping viewers to feel elevated into a coastal tree canopy where they can ‘inhabit’ the space until reaching the painted horizon line.
Scince Hall Mural for South Eugene High School.
Created for my senior high school project.
Animals that inhabit both land and water, like the The Golden Eyed Frog and Green Turtle, are  good indicators of healthy ecosystems. These two murals were painted with the youth of Ojochal, Costa Rica. 
This project further engaged the local community in sustainable tourism.
Bird Sovereignty.
Commissioned by the Municipality of San José, Costa Rica, this mural depicts all the Central American National Birds together…because nature doesn’t impose borders.