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    Lit From Within explores what it would be like to carry the world inside ourselves; to be able to give energy and life to the world around us, in… Read More
    Lit From Within explores what it would be like to carry the world inside ourselves; to be able to give energy and life to the world around us, instead of merely taking these things from our environment. The resources needed to survive can be physical in nature, like energy or food; socially or emotionallybased, rooted in caring for those around us and they for us; temporal, providing us a sense of rhythm and place in time. We need all of these things to live. Our dependence on the world around us to provide them is a defining human characteristic and one we share with all life. This dependence can be quite uncomfortable, even scary, since it forces us to acknowledge that we are at the mercy of a world that we can never entirely control, or even minutely comprehend. With all of our technical acumen, we still fail to fully understand so much of the world in which we live. How do we live in balance with this thing called Nature? There is a general sense that we are increasingly putting at risk the natural resources we depend on and there is no simple answer to how to best modify our collective behavior in order to find a proper balance between the environment's needs and our own. Lit From Within explores what it might feel like to define the world not as what is "out there," but what is "in here." To be autonomous. To be truly beautiful. To be complete. Technical Description: Horsetail is segmented in a manner similar to bamboo and grows in clusters. Utilizing this natural segmentation, seven LEDs are embedded (vertically from base to tip) in one stalk in each cluster. These embedded LEDs are individually controllable. The "level" of light emanating from each plant can be animated and faded up or down in real time. The computers attached to each plant that control the light levels are networked together and the aggregate effect is like a liquid solar tide, flowing like waves across this botanical landscape. The "height" or level of this light starts low, peaks at midday, and then falls again in the evening - emulating a solar tide that mirrors the tracking of the unseen sun outside of the darkened room. Proximity sensor are mounted at entry point between the rows of plants, so when users walk in between, they generate waves of light that flow out across the landscape. Each plant has a custom-designed circuit board that contains an AVR microcontroller, a multi output dimmable LED driver, networking hardware and assorted peripheral components. Broad spectrum white LEDs are surgically embedded into the stem of each plant. Fine enamel-coated magnet wire connects each LED to the circuit board, turning each stem into a rough volumetric light display. Read Less
Lit From WithinA bio-mechatronic installation