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  • Work begins on the brand rocking «Dynamite», located in Kharkov, began with a simple question: "Why should I go to the gym?" After all, every home and can install the equipment, or at least buy a dumbbell. They pay for those who walk in the room?

    The answer is the fact that doing at home, not many can before the end of the discipline, and often break mode. This has a negative impact on the result. Classes in the hall of the discipline, create a spirit of competition, and, ultimately, more effective.

    From this point of view, the brand has to be some room coach, a mentor, who not only explains to you how to achieve the desired, but also inspires the way to the goal.

    The name itself, and the theme of nature gave birth to the brand. Uncompromising, tough and determined, he is not just inspiring, he takes the collar and pulls you to the excellent physical shape.

    While working on a brand I have proposed a number of innovations that will help make the business more efficient. For example, the world's first audio guide for the rocking chair where the coach in a rigid form recite exercise program. This chip has long been used in museums, has never been used in gyms, and has a unique offer, start a new trend.

    In addition, a set of motivational posters that are collected into a single synergistic communication mesedzh since been used as in the interior of the club, as well as its corporate identity and the primary campaign.

    Cooperation with the director of the club Oleg ended with the words: "Elijah - you're a hammer!" This is good.