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    A small branding exercise for a jewellery store in Tamil Nadu.
This project really tested my illustrating skills. The assignment was simple enough to create illsutrations for the brand which would then be used on certificates, diaries and other office stationary.
Thangamayil Jewellery is a local jewellery store in Tamil Nadu specializing in gold jewellery. Thangamayil means a Golden Peacock. At Thangamayil, they place a lot of emphasis on culture. Hence it was essential to retain cultural elements across the collaterals.
I started with understanding the brand which led us to conclusions like why I need rebranding for
Thangamayil Jewellery Limited. We sincerely belive that giving a new look, a new improvised feel to the
brand will not only attract existing customers, but also get the brand new ones with a significant hike in
the sale.
How did I do this ?
I looked at the kind of jewellery Thangamayil has to offer and I saw a very wide variety of the
same. Right from the antique collection to the bridal collection to the everyday jewellery, Thangamayil
speaks for it’s culture, purity and integrity, which I want to showcase through the new branding.
What do I want to do ?
We want to create a new visual language for Thangamayil. By a new visual language, I mean, new color
palettes, new patterns, new designs which will be incorporated in both the interior and exterior
branding and advertising.
How am I doing what I want to do ?
I had a closer look at the existing jewellery patterns, advertisements and other collaterals and picked
up inspiration for motifs which I will use to create the new visual language. I found motifs related to
the Tamil culture, the golden peocock (as the brand name suggests), form of temples and dieties, flowers,
birds and other decorative elements, which I then decided to combine and use.
Examples of motifs and patterns considered.
Some initial explorations.
Few motifs created which were finalized to use for the collaterals.
Then I started combining these motifs to create the symbolic peacock for the brand.
The last 3 of these illustrations were selected and based on these certificates and diaries were to be made.
Final Options for the certificates.
Diary Option 1
Final Diary - Front Side
Final Diary - Back Side