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The Boryeong Mud Festival 2007By: Meaghan Hillier The beauty of the Mud Festival iscertainly not beauty at all but about pure fun and debauchery.  It’s the annual Mud Festival that takesplace in the small beach town of Boryeong, South Korea during the swelteringhot dog days of summer.  The townis located on the coast of the Yellow Sea and is situated right smack dab inthe middle of southeastern Korea’s scenic countryside.  It is a seven-day festival thattransforms the calm, and quiet beaches of Boryeong into a huge mud party.Boryeong is known for its beaches and each year for the past ten years havedrawn in huge crowds for their famous Mud Festival.  This year was the mud festival’s tenth anniversary andhosted a crowd of over 1 million people. It boasts mudslides, mud wrestling, mud pools, concerts, and buckets ofmud everywhere to ensure no one within several blocks of the beach stays eventhe slightest bit clean.  It has tobe one of the most brilliant ideas for a festival, shamefully not to hit Canadabut South Eastern Asia…but these Koreans sure know how to throw a party!  It seems I had come to the right place,as a weekend spent ‘rolling around in mud’ is sure to awake the inner child inanyone and prove that you can certainly never be too old to get a little muddy.  Thestreets and beaches were absolutely bombarded with masses of people coveredfrom head to toe in a slimy, grey mud. The concert stage in the middle of itall featured local bands performing as messy partiers coated themselves in moremud and sand while rocking out in the blazing heat on the beach.  As the days festivities came to a closethere was still so much more in store for the evening.  The beach turned almost mystical as thetide went out it seemed for miles and the town set up for the fireworksdisplay.  The shadows of everyoneon the beach gazing up into the sky at the fireworks and the moon in the cornermade for a mesmerizing and relaxing time after a rowdy day of partying andplaying in the mud.  There weresome people seen still doused in mud until the very late hours of the festival,some out enjoying the evening concert, and others sound asleep in tents on thebeach.  The mud festival was a surefine way to kick off the summer and it was a refresher meeting and partying withother foreigners, I felt almost at home!