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VeleLuce | new Identity

The Vele Luce brand represents the creative thrill of the Italian collector Nicola Marino.
During all his life, Nicola was inspired by American interiors of the 20th century, saturated with a rich history of mixing cultures and strong-willed character, and put this knowledge and many years of studying experience in the base of Vele Luce philosophy.

The Vele Luce models are a compromise between poles apart design planes.
American courage and large-scaled ideas are shrouded in a tremulous sense of subtle Italian style.

Vele Luce design is a constant experiments with new trends, technologies, shapes, materials, colors and their non-standard combinations. A play of contrasts, accents and emotions, which are eventually expressed in a bright recognizable style – all this is the Vele Luce brand, which leaves a frisky aftertaste.

Vele Luce will not leave anyone indifferent and will entice you on a journey of interior through countries and eras.

Vele Luce is forever!

Art Director & Illustrator: Krista Sokolova
Designer: Inga Truhan
Photoshots: Dina Alexandrova

Product Manager: Anna Halina, Veronika Romashova
Marketing Director: Oksana Botvenko

Brand: VeleLuce by NIKA Group

VeleLuce | new Identity