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    bunkk.com is a community of web designers hosting their web design psd files to buy or download along with code snippets and articles.
bunkk is an upcoming website I'm working on. It's going to be a home for my psd files for website mock ups, news posts related to design, and snippets for codes. The site will allow users to sign up as either an author/contributor or viewer.
Users will be able to upload thier psds to download for free or for a donate-to-buy system that allows users to donate whatever they feel the psd is worth to them when buying it.
The ticker at the top will cycle through recently uploaded psd files as well as code snippets and news articles users post.
As for the user profile page, it would feature a custom image, username, and a short bio. Will add in social networks as well/users personal page links... Along with featuring the latest of their posts and uploads.
The project page will feature a slider for all the images associated with the psd along with a short brief as to what is included/reason for the psd. And then followed by a download link and a donate link where you can donate to the creator of the psd if you feel obligated.