- Recent Works 2013: Part 2 - 

I've got a few more personal paintings to show. Quite a few more process videos as well. Feel free to ask me any questions about my process.
Old Red-Eyes
Started sketching and kept going. Some weird mistakes. Came together quite quickly which is nice. About 4.5 hours in Painter X3.
He's got a cold.
Process video below. It is sped up 500% so don't think I paint that fast.
Trio of Worms
Wanted to experiment with some different lighting effects. Didn't really have a plan, just started painting. 

It's not quite finished and I might come back to it but I wanted to move onto other things.
Snow Dragon
Started as a hand study. I took a photo from google and used it as reference for the hand. The photo had it holding a small bird. Decided it was too boring and added a dragon. Everything is better with dragons.
Diablo 3 Anniversary
This one was such a struggle. Did not like how this was going for the majority of the time.
Unsettling Portrait
Umm... Felt like drawing a strange portrait. Used some reference. Kind of weird.