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    One of the series of trade posters gaming company, OUYA
OUYA is a new kind of game console for the TV that brings the openness of mobile and internet platforms to the big screen for the the first time. I was asked to do a poster that will be used at trade events. A group of artists were hired to do different game title and I was assigned to do the fun and classic "SONIC"!! The client did NOT want me to recreate the game art style but do it in my style. Represent what makes the game fun, versus the literal illustration of the game title, gameplay or scene from the game. The poster is about the gameplay or game elements that make the game fun. Things that stay with the player after the game.
Design director: Josh Cole (andCulture)
Client: OUYA
I had many ideas and different sketches for this fun project and this particular direction was approved by the client. I came up with a boy character who's enjoying the speed/spinning but also almost losing control because it's so fast. I tried to capture the fine line between losing control and losing oneself in the game because having too much fun. What you see below is the process of how I developed this idea from the very beginning. I was asked to use the color of OUYA brand color that are basically orange and gray.