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Vibraising - The Present: Kissing Noses
Street Art
Kronos Festival, Barcelona, Spain

The Present - Kissing Noses mural is a continuation of the Vibraising series project (check also ‘Vibraising - The Root’ on my profile), where I collaborate with musical artists and create interactive art experience for viewers.    
Kissing Noses mural enhances to inner and outer human connectivity.  
To recover balance and inner space, you are invited to connect with art by listening to the music codes listed below while looking at the art piece containing bio geometry. 

This time the amazing Alex Serra - Ahora track and Stephen Mahoney - Untitled A3, will take you to another dimension within your own galaxy.​​​​​​​

INNER STRENGTH QR CODE by Spanish musical artist Alex Serra:

INNERSPACE QR CODE by Irish music producer Stephen Mahoney:

'Vibraising' is a series of art pieces focus on deepening of consciousness and awareness of human energetic system, to restore unified perception and collective life force manifested through love. 

When we live in a present moment life flows in a harmony with resonance happening. There is peace, joy, love and order of life connected with everything around us. Coherent breathing, fractality of space and time create a mechanism causing internal gravity, biologic negentropy, and human bliss. 
By coherent breathing, we restore our centripetal life force, clear perception and well-organized direction of the flow of our aura - electro-magnetic-polarity field. Feel the peace, presence, alignment and balance your energy through acceleration wave inside of you. Let the gravity pull you in towards the centre of your heart. 
Dan Winter is the first to very specifically define the frequency, geometry, and wave mechanic optimization of that gravity causing fractality. 
Name for Kissing Noses project was inspired by his discovery - negentropy, perfect fractal wave conjugation called ‘pine cones kissing noses’. 
Find more -> Dan Winter (,
Eva Pascual - Love is Law (

Massive thanks to Kronos Festival crew, Montana Colours , Alex Serra and Stephen Mahoney (music production), Nordtaller - QR codes production, Roman - Senyorerre (photography), Irene Bell (photography), Teo Vazquez (photography), Diana di Nuzzo, Street Art Barcelona for supporting and feeding me and everyone who helped me during this project.

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Vibraising - The Present: Kissing Noses