Metal Art

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    This album consists of  welded metal sculpture and ornamental metal work. 
    Some of this work is  a collaboration with The Metal Shoppe
  • Welded metal sculpture  -  08/29/2011    Location:   Point Lobos Ridge - Red Wolf Drive ,   Carmel, CA 
    This is a steel wedding chuppa that was a private commission.    All elements are heated and formed; welded and then shaped with a grinder/abrasives.     The coloration is obtained with a patina and then sealed with a clear coat.  Ultimately they will be allowed to weather somewhat in the coastal environment.  
    The size is 8 foot posts and the tree is 7' 8" at the highest point.
    To view more of my work, please visit my website:
    To contact me regarding a commission, please call 559-338-0748  8:30am-5:30pm pacific time or email me at
  • An alternative view with some different lighting.    My goal was to obtain a very natural, realistic looking sculpture that represented my perception of a manzanita tree.   I stayed with a more minimal approach with the leaves, etc., so as not to obstruct the view through the trees.
  • Close up of the leaves.   The leaves were laser cut and then lightly forged to shape them.  I used a slate black patina color on the leaves, using a sponge, squeezed the patina color on the leaves and let the black drip down and mix with the brown patina on the branches/trunk.    It made a real nice subtle transition in the colors.
  • Just an interesting view of the back of the sculpture -  really represents the natural look these steel trees took on. 
  • Underside view of the hat.    Sculpture completed in 09/07   Welded steel sculpture -  Witch Hat  "Bruja de Acero"
  • Sculpture completed in 09/07   Welded Steel Sculpture -  Witch Hat    "Bruja de Acero"
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  • Sculpture completed in February 2009     Welded Steel Sculpture (this is not a casting)   Steel Hippie Shoes  (about a size 7-1/2! )
    "Summer of Love" 
    All welded construction on the shoes.  The daisies were forged and welded.   The coloration is an antique patina with a clear coat.    
    To view more of my work, please visit my website: