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    Ospiti del Keffiyeh Community Center, a New Askar Camp, Nablus
Nablus, Palestine.

I used 50mm 1.8 for New Askar Camp.
Here, reality needs to be cutted in small pieces. There is too much life and too much pain for a wide-angle.
Little pictures from thick stories.
And then, black and white. Because there are no colors here.
Life is hard and simple, there is no time for excesses. 
Just neat lines. Just spaces.
Children in the streets.
Like in a random city around the world.
Just some differences... Like a horse.
And holes on walls.
Here, people try to redrawn reality.
Which is too hard for being ignored.
Weak cop outs.
While martyrs rest on the yard of the kindergarten.
Guests of Keffiyeh Community Center