The Association of Designers of the Comunitat Valenciana (ADCV), with the support of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), commissioned us to design the EnCircular.es digital platform, as well as the graphics for the EnCircular Open Week sessions.​​​​​​​

Goals: On one hand, to generate a digital platform that represents and is the benchmark of the whole ecosystem of the Circular Economy of the Valencian Community, and on the other, to create a graphic system adaptable to both the platform and the communication of the event where it was presented.

The platform: its mission is to support companies in their urgent transition to a sustainable economic model. One of its goals is to identify the organizations and facilitate their location in the autonomous region in an easy way for all the interested parties. In addition to this Atlas of agents, EnCircular.es has been configured as a container of resources, Observatories, initiatives and up-to-date information. In conclusion, a reference space in regards to the circular economy.

EnCircular.es is a digital product that balances the visual and the functional aspects, an intuitive and easy to navigate platform. It is a bespoke project, totally tailor made, easy to maintain and manage, where simplicity, usability, modular design and categorization of information prevail, something very important for a platform that will host a large amount of content in three languages.

The platform was presented at the EnCircular Economy Open Week, which aimed to share initiatives, trends, knowledge and experiences of real and innovative projects that apply sustainable solutions to advance in the evolution from the linear economic model - focused on extracting resources, producing, using and throwing away - to a circular model - which allows to redefine the concept of growth and progress in order to achieve a restorative, regenerative and more sustainable economic system based on greater efficiency in the use of resources.

All the graphics of the project are based on the idea of the process (from the linear to the circular model) represented in the use of animations, typographic blocks, color...

We used a range of earth colors: tile, green, sea... colors that speak to us of a more human nature and that help us to categorize the information in the platform. In addition, this game with color provides richness and variety to the different media created for the communication of the sessions.

The typography of the project is HKGrotesk, a typography that works equally well online, for video or printed format.

What have we done?:
Digital product consulting
Web design and development
UX / UI design
Design and communication
Year: 2020
Client: ADCV, Asociación Diseñadores de la Comunitat Valenciana
Sector: Private Organizations
Field: UX / UI Design, Identity, Communication
Creative direction and graphic design: Ana Vañó (UVE) Francés, Cristina Toledo
UX/UI Design: Ana Vañó (UVE) Francés
Animations / video: Elisa Cuadra
Devlopment: nice-code.es
Photography: Sergio Arias Ramón
Project by nueve estudio

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The Association of Designers of the Comunitat Valenciana (ADCV), with the support of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), commissioned us to de Read More