// campaign branding
An overview of the logo, colours, and assets of the equip think act brand.

// educational posters
A set of three posters designed for education use in schools.

// informational pamphlet
A quick introduction to the equip think act campaign for students.

// book mailer box
This book mailer box is designed to be given to students at seminars and at the start of class units to act as an introduction to the core messages of the campaign. It includes the pamphlet above, and the pack items featured below.


// educational pack items
These are the deliverables included in the pack. The blank notebook is designed for students to use in school life, and by doing so they’ll always have a list of fact-checking information with them. The competition slip is included as part of the seminar, as competition is a good motivator in reaching a teenage audience for education. The stickers and pins are included also for that same interest boost, as well as to help spread the word of the campaign when they’re used.


// t-shirt
This t-shirt is designed to be worn by staff & seminar presenters. It is also available to purchase online.


// app
The app is designed for use by students & teenagers independently. Below is the sign up process, where you select interests catered to you, and the home and news feeds where you get updates based on those interests and news events. Games and quizzes are also available, providing users another way to engage.

// website
The website is designed for use by schools & teachers. It acts as a platform to learn more about the campaign and to book a seminar or program provided by Equip Think Act. It also provides free learning and classroom resources to teachers as well as a shop to buy merch and support the campaign.

equip. think. act.