For the now postponed visit of queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to Oman this march, Reinildis Ditzhuyzen wrote the "Oman Ditz". A dutch book about Arabic manners and morals. The book functions  also as a forerunner of the "Arabische Ditz" a much more elaborated book about Arabic manners and morals. More information: Akribeia 
The budget was tight but i had a great time designing it

14 luxury boxes were made by made by Maquette Atelier  for the Queen and Prince and amongst others and the people that helped realise the project. The box excises out of 2,3 mm plywood and meranti. The font in use is Geotica (slightly modified) and is laseted out of walnut veneer. The Pattern is lasers in too and took 3 hours a box.

Photo: Dick de Jager 

marcel van den berg
grafisch ontwerp
Den Haag