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Nördik Impakt 20
For its 20th anniversary event, the Arts Attack! asso­ci­ation has giv­en Murmure carte blanche to design and set up a brand-new cre­at­ive advert­ising strategy.

Client: Nördik Impakt & Arts Attack!
Year: 2018
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Identity & Concept
We have chosen to come up with a gen­er­at­ive design to enable the pub­lic to cre­ate the fest­iv­al visu­als themselves.
This advert­ising strategy is espe­cially rel­ev­ant for a fest­iv­al as it fully involves the pub­lic with­in the cre­at­ive pro­cess and enables them to come across their cre­ations in reg­u­lar dif­fu­sion spaces, while also enabling them to share them.
A design generated by controlled variables. An important place is given over to randomness and experimentation

Elec­tro × Generative
A per­fect semant­ic link between digit­al cul­tures and gen­er­at­ive design: a cre­at­ive and digit­al ter­rit­ory of expression. 
A unique artwork each participant will have created

Teaser campaign
The first advert­ising part, in black and white, is based on a gen­er­at­ive sound design. 

First part of the design
With the assist­ance of Juli­en Espagnon, we came up with an ini­tial gen­er­at­ive design: the pub­lic is invited via the to dis­cov­er the line-up by play­ing with a son­or­ous typo­graph­ic composition. 
Nördik Impakt Journal
A journ­al by way of a pro­gramme, due to be released in the form of 5 issues, the first of which reveals the year’s line-up, but also the cre­at­ive process.
Social Media
The deploy­ment on social media reviews the year’s first pub­li­city elements.
Second part of the design
In col­lab­or­a­tion with Matt Des­Laur­i­ers, Webgl 3D shapes are applied to the first part of the design, thus com­pos­ing a rich, col­or­ful and more com­plex creation.
View­ers can now find the fly­ers and posters they have designed them­selves in real. An infin­ite num­ber of res­ults are gen­er­ated by thou­sands of par­ti­cipants thanks to the Poster Gen­er­at­or & check the Hall of Fame bedecked in the colours of the 20th annual event
Based on the web­site that was revamped dur­ing the 19th annu­al event, our wish was always to place the inter­act­ive exper­i­ence at the heart of the brows­ing pro­cess while retain­ing a func­tion­al and prac­tic­al web­site for inter­net users.
Mer­chand­ising where the pub­lic can pur­chase their own creations.
The gen­er­at­ive design set up on the web­site has enabled the pub­lic to cre­ate more than 11,000 art­works, used to print fly­ers, posters and merchandise.

The web­site fea­tures more than 200k pages viewed and a few code geni­uses have even man­aged to hack the pro­gram and sur­prise us with their cre­at­ive spir­it: the magic of the internet.

Fancy hav­ing a go? Click here: Poster Gen­er­at­or

We also saw this concept as espe­cially rel­ev­ant through its eco­lo­gic­al impact as it has enabled us to print far less mater­i­al than in pre­vi­ous years. 
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Nördik Impakt 20

Nördik Impakt 20

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