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MAKAN Restaurant
The project is about rebranding a Malaysian food business named 'Makan' in Melbourne to help revive the economy post-COVID 19. Other than restructuring the business into an online delivery service, they are also introducing a new meal kit for customers during the lockdown period.

Target Audience 
The project targets on people of all races in the middle to upper classes, ranged between 20-30 years old in Melbourne. They may be one who is interested to try Malaysian food, keen to know about the beautiful country or they even can be Malaysians.

Design Problem  
Through online surveys on the people in Melbourne, most people in Melbourne are not familiar with Malaysian cuisine and not know about its rich culture.

MAKAN means "to eat" in Malaysia. 
It is a common word almost used daily in the country.

MAKAN aims to promote Malaysia’s fascinating culture through its food. Through expressing the country’s rich cultural identity, MAKAN seeks to provide the Malaysian individual staying in Melbourne a sense of belonging. Nonetheless, they also want to educate the non-Malaysians about the story behind this beautiful country.

Daily elements in Malaysia

MAKAN's concept is to bring in the common elements of Malaysian's daily life into the brand deliverables to tell the story about the country.

Colour Palette


llustration Style

Brand's Logo​​​​​​​
Business Card
MAKAN's Meal kit

The Authentic Malaysian Meal Kit
The kit contains three boxes which are one for the fresh produce, one for the ingredients and one for the apron. The concept behind this packaging is inspired by the popular Asian lunch box, called ‘tiffin carrier’.

Tiffin Carrier
The box on the bottom is normally bigger than other boxes on top of it, which are normally for the rice. However in this meal kit, the bottom box is specially made bigger for the fresh produce. 

Meal Kit

The phrase ‘Makanan has arrived!’ on the side of the packaging means ‘food has arrived!

Fresh Produce's Box
Apron and Ingredient's box
MAKAN's recipe cards

Recipe Cards
To bring convenience to the target audience, infographic cooking instructions are included in the recipe cards to be more accessible to the customers.

Process for the infographics on the recipe cards
Recipe Cards

Ingredients' Sticker Label
Each ingredients were given a simple line illustrations. To educate the people with Malay terms, with each ingredient’s English name on the recipe cards,a Malay translations of each of the ingredients are also labelled on the sticker label.

Process for the ingredients' illustrations
Sticker Labels for each Ingredients
MAKAN's Takeaway Paperbag

MAKAN's Takeaway Packagings
The sticker labels on the takeaway packagings are inspired by how the Malaysians being eco-friendly by wrapping their food using banana leaves to keep them fresh. By incorporating the leaves pattern on the labels and some Malay greetings, MAKAN wants to tell their customers that the food are served fresh and warm daily by the friendly staffs.​​​​​​​

Takeaway Packagings
MAKAN's Apron
MAKAN's Apron Linen Texture
MAKAN's embroidered T-shirt
Embroidered Pattern
Set of Malaysian Postcard
MAKAN's webpage

If you've made it this far in my project, thank you so much for reading and viewing!
Terima Kasih!

Project by
Shirley Cheok

MAKAN Restaurant

MAKAN Restaurant