HOW DO YOU FEEL ITALY?Information design
The national health care system aims to improve the health and lives of citizens through care activities, education and prevention.Italy has a publically owned health system, offering a high level of training for people involved in the medical, nursing and research and technology fields. These principals emerge in comparison with other countries from outside the European Union. The professionalism of the system is reflected in the quality of the infrastructure and services offered. Are we dealing with a National Health care system or are we dealing with Regional or Local health care systems? Our research is born from these questions and attempts to describe the economic/welfare issues that revolve around this topic. Through analysis of the data, supported by the National Insitute of Statistics, we have mapped out a logical path, that describes the proposed offer made by the public service comparing investments, infrastructure and guaranteed benefits. We have then moved onto the user's requests, focusing our interest in particular on the perception of the Health service and the most common types of diseases to discover the causes and connections and the complexity that surrounds them. The emerging reality reveals the presence of multiple health systems, with deep territorial differences, at a regional and even provincial level. The overall picture of the system is one of a system structurally complex and fragmented, that is not always clear in its interactions and communications with citizens.


Stefano Cotzia
Jacopo Marcolini
Davide Martinotti
Felipe Ospina 
Xuan Wu