Fire Jam is an Oregon company making different kinds of spreads for sandwiches. This was their first product. Due to regulations we had to separate the name into two words. The jar for the jam was predetermined - as seen below. The flavor for this product is hot pineapple jam.
Label test on the actual product jar.
Mood board for the electronic music group Silicone Seeds, from Stockholm, with key words written at the top. The first incarnation was the above symbol which transformed to what you see below. The basic idea was to take the shape of two turntables and make that into an S shape.
Golden Boat is an import and export company in the US. Directions for this project were very loose, except for the coloring.
Gear is a 3d game engine made into a product. The lever in the logo states which version of the engine you are running - student, pro or studio. 
TrendVision was a fashion congregation site focusing on accessories like sunglasses and bags.
SO4IT is an IT backend company building bank and insurance systems. What they needed was something that signals reliance and security.
Maxus Mustang is all about style and power for muscle car enthusiasts.
Thalon was a styling kit company for performance cars. They wanted something with an attitude that would fit well as a badge on the actual car.
Galactic is a medical journal software used by health institutions. They asked for something elegant and clear.
Leif Garvin is a Swedish artist with a flair for Rock'n Roll.
Modesty is our own company logo with which we wanted to communicate creativity.