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    Saga pillows made on Style History course II
Last spring 2012 on our style history course II, our practical task was to look back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This was to get inspiration and ideas of the older existing furniture, shapes and diverse decorations. Based on this inspiration the task was to create new modern design, either on a existing chair or by making a new chair. We had several study visits in museums, churches and local public buildings from that period of time.
Stockholm City library, childrens storyroom.
My inspiration came from the City library in Stockholm, and the children's story room benches.
The seats of the benches were very specially diagonal braided with saddle-girth.
Decorative furniture paintings, in Norway called rosemaling.
My other main inspiration source was norwegian rosepainting, that was very commonly used in late 1800s furniture. Rosepainting called rosemaling in norwegian still exists today in Norway, and is even a fulltime profession practiced by a few very skilled painters. The painting styles varies between the locations, and they each have their own recognizable styles. I was inspired specially of the colour settings in these rosepaintings.
Decorative furniture painting from 1800s.
I found a pair of older chairs from the local recycling center. 
Black was a finer colour when the chinoiserie influences from China reached Europe, and was also commonly used in the late 1800s. 
                    Saga pillow
By combining different colours of two types of fabric together I created two new fabrics. 
I made the two similar-like seats to have a set of chairs that can be placed together.
Specially in an enviroment where the wish is to inspire creativity and imagination.
Also to a space where both adults and children can enjoy storytelling together. 
The seats are removable and can be used as a pillow on a bench or another furniture.
                    Saga pillow
Design, painting the chairs and pillow upholstering: Karoliina Priha