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Blue hair: how to get color, care and photos
Blue hair: how to get color, care and photos
If you are thinking of changing the look, know that blue hair is a trend. After all, there is no way to go unnoticed with the colored locks. But, to reach the desired tone, it is necessary to pass the wick test. Find out how to dye your hair blue and how to touch up at home. For more references, check out: best blue hair dye for black hair

Blue Hair Types

There are a variety of blue tones to color your hair. The main ones are:

* Baby blue or pastel blue - light tones
* Turquoise blue - tertiary shade between green and cyan
* Royal blue or navy blue - dark tones
* Gradient blue - lighter to darker tones or vice versa.

Blue hair vs Bluish black hair

According to hair stylist Rafael Fagundes, blue hair is a shade and bluish black hair is a color, the number of which is usually 1,111. "It can also be made a mixture of the brown pigment with the blue pigment, thus arriving at the bluish black", emphasizes the hair stylist Lílian Souza. Bluish black hair is usually noticeable when daylight reflects on the strands.

How to get the tone you want

The criterion for dyeing hair blue is that the strands are healthy. For this, the professional performs a streak test, which consists of bleaching a small part of hair in order to discover its integrity.

After that, when it is proven that the hair is healthy, the discoloration is done completely or only in the part that the person wants to dye blue. The hairdresser hydrates the hair to apply the toner afterwards.

"Currently, most blue toners or any other color are rich in keratin to help with hair emollience," says hair stylist Rafael. In this way, the locks gain more movement and are able to recover from the aggression suffered by discoloration.

Can you dye your hair at home?

It is possible to dye your hair at home, but the ideal is that you already have some affinity with the method or that you talk to a professional before performing the procedure. Check out the step by step how it is done in the salon , taught by hair stylist Lílian:
1st step: the hair is divided into 4 parts, two upper and two lower.

2nd step: bleach-by-lock bleach is applied 1 or 2 cm away from the root, which remains indefinite, as it depends on each type of hair . Perhaps, the professional needs to touch up the locks with bleach to leave a uniform blonde tone.

"It is necessary to discolor the hair before applying the blue toner because the hair cuticle needs to be open to receive the pigment", explains Rafael. Therefore, it is better to seek professional help to bleach, as it is a more complicated process and the product is more aggressive to the hair.

3rd step: the whole product is removed with abundant water, the professional washes the hair with a powerful shampoo and applies a treatment mask, which remains for a few minutes.

4th step: then the hair is rinsed and pre-dried to receive the "fantasy pigment", which is the desired color.

5th step: the blue toner is applied from the root to the ends and remains for about 20 to 40 minutes depending on the hair and the chosen tone.

6th step: again the hair is rinsed, hydrated, combed and dried.

Periodicity to touch up the wires

The blue tends to fade due to the discoloration process. "When we discolor the threads, we are removing all the melanin until it reaches an almost white background", explains Lílian. So, for those who want to stay longer with blue hair, they need to touch it up every 15 days in the salon or at home.

Toners are usually sold in a specific shade, so after the hair has been bleached, it is easier to touch up just the root or tone up in the bath. Just follow the directions on the back of the package. Experts indicate the following brands:

* Alfaparf from Milano
* Keraton
* Salon Line
* Exoctic creativity
* Kamaleao
* High Fashion
* Hard Colors.
Blue hair: how to get color, care and photos

Blue hair: how to get color, care and photos


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